Meigs County Industry

Existing industrial base has seen positive growth, readily available workforce and no union presence within existing businesses.

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Meigs County Industrial Park: A Great Place to GROW!

State Hwy. 58 South
Decatur, TN 37322
(423) 334-5850

The Meigs County Industrial Park is a +- 72 acre, county owned area located between Chattanooga (35 miles) and  Knoxville (60 miles) and only 12 miles to Interstate 75. It is accessible by four-lane State Highway 30 and State Hwy 58. The international airports located in Atlanta, GA and Nashville, TN are both approximately a 2-hour drive from the Park. Not all industries are located inside the industrial park.

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Meigs County – Tax Benefits

The state of Tennessee offers a program aimed at addressing the challenge of bringing industries and jobs into rural areas. That program is called the Rural Opportunity Initiative, or ROI. The ROI provides for Enhanced Job Tax Credits to businesses locating or expanding in certain Tennessee counties considered Tier 2 or Tier 3 Enhancement Counties. If a qualified business enterprise locates or expands in an Enhancement County, the company will be eligible for an annual Enhanced Job Tax Credit of $4,500 for each qualified job, provided that the job remains filled during the year in which the credit is being taken. Read more about the ROI tax credit.