Circuit Court Clerk

Circuit Court Clerk

Circuit Court Clerk/General Sessions/Juvenile Court

Darrell Davis
Phone: (423) 334-5821

Brandi Knox – Chief Deputy Clerk
Deborah Kile – Deputy Clerk
Donna Moore – Deputy Clerk
Kim Newman – Deputy Clerk

Darrell Davis - Circuit Court

Darrell Davis – Circuit Court

The Circuit Court Clerk is a Constitutional Officer and is elected by the people for a term of four years.  Meigs County Circuit Court Clerk is responsible for General Sessions Criminal and Civil Courts, Traffic Courts, Juvenile Courts, Child Support Courts and Circuit Criminal and Civil Courts.  The general duties of this office is the management of all complaints, petitions, summons, orders and other documents relating to lawsuits filed with the courts.  The Clerk is responsible for providing staff to clerk for the courts, prepare and manage court dockets, case depositions, and court minute books.  The Clerk’s financial responsibilities include accounting an financial reporting for collection of court costs, fees, court ordered restitution and judgments, fines and investments of court assigned fiduciary funds.  It is the responsibility of the Circuit Court Clerk, serving as Jury Commissioner, to maintain current jury selection date.